What is PHPADView?

PHPADView is a Web interface to Microsoft Active Directory written on simple and popular language PHP.
It uses LDAPv3 for this purpose.
In our network, we use OpenLDAP client library to do it.
PHPADView lets you to get information from Active Directory in tables like this:

An example of output

PHPADView uses no templates, XSLT and such things. It is too simple, to use such a big tools.
To install it, you only need PHP, Web server (such as Apache 1.3 or Microsoft IIS), and the PHP LDAP support
Simply unpuck it, and configure via "config.inc.php" file.
File has many comments in side of it, so just read them.
My advice, is to read something about LDAP (i.e http://www.mozilla.org/directory/standards.html) and try to play with Active Directory using ldp.exe and ADSI Edit tools. That will help you better understand, what is going on there.
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